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Super Bad Series

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Super Bad Series


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Super Bad Series (SBS) is an NFT project on the SGB/FLR Network co-Founded by brothers Arron Mcarthur (Nurgle) & Marc Mcarthur (Kei On The Beat).  Nurgle is also part of the Sparkles NFT visuals team and has freelanced as an artist for over 15 years. Kei On The Beat has been a Music producer for 10 years and has featured on many popular radio stations as well as having his music played on the BBC program Blind Ambition. SBS have had 3 sell out collections on the Flares test-net (Songbird) with a forth being air dropped for free to previous holders on the Flare main-net, showing their commitment to the series, which was highlighted in an article by Jillian Godsil. The Forth drop in Phase 1 has been hand drawn by Marvel comic book artist Martin Griffiths (Super Bad Monsters). SBS are currently developing an Unreal Engine 5 game called Rise of the Deviants, which will include NFT playable characters and perishables. This is the first NFT project to be working on an Unreal Engine 5 game within the flare ecosystem. 


The Super Bad Genesis Seeds
666 Unique hand drawn Genesis Seed Vaults are the gateway into the Super Bad Series Universe. A small collection making them ultra rare. Each Genesis Seed Vault holder will get airdropped one NFT from every consecutive drop in the series.
The seeds unlock value not just with getting every drop in the series sent to the same wallet but also Nurgle will make sure collectors and early followers get extra for holding these very special NFT's. 
This includes getting a Deviant dropped to every Seed holder plus Nurg coin allocation per month when released.  (Amount to be decided). Making these the most sought after NFT's in the collection.

The Super Bad Babies
3333 Unique hand drawn SBS Babies are the next step into the Super Bad Series Universe. A small collection making them rare. Each Baby holder will get airdropped one NFT from every consecutive drop in the series.
The Babies are the second in the Series. unlocking value with getting every drop in the series moving forward sent to the same wallet. Not only will Babies get Mutants and Monsters dropped on them but also Nurg coin allocation per month when released.  (Amount to be decided). 
Keeping these sought after NFT's in the collection.

The Super Bad Mutants
6666 Unique hand drawn Mutants are the next evolution of the Super Bad Series Universe. A growing collection making them easy to obtain. Each Mutant holder will get airdropped the next in series which is the Monsters by Marvel Uk's Martin Griffiths.
The Super Bad Mutants is part of the evolution of artwork we have seen from Nurgle. Taking a huge swing towards his preferred style into the dark realms of his imagination.  
Creating some super bad weird creations as the Seeds become Babies they Mutate into these weird creatures before Martin Griffiths takes the helm  to produce the final drop in Phase 1 the Monsters.  
With full moving backgrounds being developed this collection will become an iconic moment in history for SGB and Flare communities and collectors of Nurgle art. Along with a separate Sound Trait and
Prize Trait

The Super Bad Monsters
Super bad series goes further into promoting exceptional artists and are proud to introduce Martin Griffiths as the special guest artist for the Super Bad Monsters collection.
Super Bad Series decided they wanted to reward the collectors of Nurgle artwork, and the finale drop in the Super Bad Series Phase 1 'Monsters' with something unique and special. They decided that getting a well known and respected artist was one way of doing this. 
The Monsters drop will be on the Flare network to promote artists moving into this space from well known careers such as Marvel, to bring new talent and old into the NFT world. It also celebrates the launch of Flare Mainnet.
To get a Super Bad Monster you will have to own one of the Super Bad Series NFT's to be eligible at the time of the snapshot for the Monster Drop. All Monster NFT's will be airdropped to holders. You can not mint these NFT's.


Rise of the Deviants will be a action role-playing NFT game developed by Super Bad Series and based on the Flare Network blockchain, where fees are low and environmentally friendly. It will be directed by Arron with worldbuilding by Marc. In Rise of the Deviants, players control a customisable player character on a journey to rid the world of Mutants & Monsters in order to save humanity.  The game is presented through a third-person perspective, with players freely roaming the levels. Gameplay elements include combat using several types of weapons, special abilities, shields & perishables. Set in a futuristic fantasy Earth, players will enter 10 different levels where they have to fight hoards of Mutants, and level bosses (Monsters). The character at the start of the game will depend on the class of the NFT previously minted from the Deviant drop, ranging from Common to Super Ancient. These classes will determine the overall health, strength, stamina and the amount of perishables they can carry. Combat with enemies can be within melee range whilst attacks from enemies can be blocked using shields or avoided by dodging. Rise of the Deviants will have a multiplayer system that allows players to join raids in which  you can team up with 2 other friends to take on a level which gradually becoming harder, to ultimately defeat the end boss. There will be an in game reward system of dropped NFT's for defeating the level bosses which will be attributable to the users wallet.