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Songbird Domains

What are Web3 domains?

Every crypto/NFT community starts with an idea. First it grows to a few fans. A few supporters. Few contributors. And it keeps growing and growing. Then it sets up a Discord or Telegram group. Then it becomes a thing. A brand.

Some take it a step further and form a DAO with its own token. But the basic principle stays the same. They are a group of people who share the same passion and vision.

As a founder or moderator of your community, you have the responsibility to nurture it. One great way to do it is to set a domain extension for your community.

Surely you have noticed people on Twitter changing their name to domain names with extensions like .eth, .L2, .sol, etc. Powered by Punk Domains, Songbird Domains are partnering with Cyber Identity and The Satraps team to bring .sgb domains to the Songbird community; and soon to the Flare Community.


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Web3 domains are a digital identity. The Songbird community members can use their Songbird domains as usernames when they log into your web3 dapp, or any dapp that accepts that domain as a credential.

They can attach additional data to a domain, like a website URL or a Twitter handle. Or they can easily send tokens and NFTs to each other. Later when the Cyber Identity product is live, certain domain owners can use their domain as a digital identity credential to access Web3 dapps and services. The domains that will be utilized as such can be voted for through Satraps governance. 

The Satraps and Cyber Identity, in partnership with Punk Domains will bring additional domains with utilities to the Songbird and Flare communities - stay tuned!

If you are interested in deploying your own community domain on the Songbird Network, please reach out to us.