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SolidiFi Wallet

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SolidiFi Wallet


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In recent years, the world has seen a massive shift towards digital currencies and decentralized finance. With the emergence of blockchain technology, it is now possible to create decentralized platforms that offer financial services without the need for intermediaries. SolidiFi is one such platform that is designed to provide users with passive income opportunities through DeFi on the blockchain. SolidiFi consists of three projects, SolidiFi Wallet, SolidiFi Web, and SolidiFi FTSO Data Provider. In this article, we will explore SolidiFi Wallet.


SolidiFi Wallet is a non-custodial wallet that supports the XRPL, XinFin, Songbird, and Flare blockchains. It provides users with real-time price information, real-time news feeds, and support for multiple wallets per network. Additionally, it offers FTSO delegation for Songbird and Flare, which allows users to earn passive income by delegating their votes to SolidiFi FTSO Data Provider. Here is a complete list of the functionality within SolidiFi Wallet

  • Real-time price information of XRP, SGB, FLR and XDC (powered by the SolidiFi FTSO Data Provider)
  • Real-time news feeds
  • Multi-wallet support- Portfolio
  • Secure AES encrypted web3 browser
  • Vote option for governance proposals
  • Wrapping / unwrapping of SGB and FLR
  • Delegation and rewards claiming
  • Extensive FTSO Data provider information and ranking
  • FlareDrops module; view personal estimation with airdrop claiming functionality
  • XRPL Trust line management
  • Transaction history overview with CSV export capability
  • NFT information
  • Non-native assets management (tokens other than XRP, SGB, FLR and XDC)
  • Dark mode
  • Ability to display balances and price in local fiat currency
  • Different themes
  • Private keys management
  • Address book management
  • Ability to connect to custom RPC urls


The combination of these features makes it a unique app within the XRP, XDC and FLR community. The features are constantly refined, and expanded on a regular basis.


One of the standout features of SolidiFi Wallet is its ability to manage other assets like NFTs and advanced XRPL features such as trust lines. This makes it a versatile wallet that can be used for a variety of purposes. Furthermore, it contains a portfolio as well as an integrated web3 browser through which the ecosystem of XinFin, Songbird, and Flare can be explored. Next, it also contains native support for governance proposals, something that can't be found anywhere else. Finally, users can connect to any blockchain node they wish by entering a custom RPC url in the settings.

Advanced Features

SolidiFi Wallet has been fully audited by cure53, a Germany-based team of security experts. This means that users can rest assured that their funds are safe and secure. The wallet being non-custodial makes SolidiFi Wallet a great choice for anyone looking to manage their cryptocurrency assets. Your assets are under your control. The wallet is not an indermediary but simply functions as an interface to the respective networks. Therefor it's always between you and the blockchain without a middleman.

Safe and Secure

The SolidiFi Wallet offers various ways to add wallets.

  • Import any wallet address that exists on the blockchain. This is a view-only mode and allows users to view the contents of a wallet.
  • Create a new wallet; the app will create a new private key and wallet address on the blockchain
  • Import existing wallet through seed phrase; users having wallets in other apps can import their wallets using the 12 / 24 word seed phrase
  • Import existing wallet through private key; users having wallets in other apps can import their wallets into SolidiFi by copy-pasting the private key


Currently in development is the ability to use the Ledger Nano and D'cent devices directly and is scheduled for launch in Q2 2023.

Create new and import existing wallets

In conclusion, SolidiFi Wallet is an excellent choice for anyone looking to manage their cryptocurrency assets safely and securely. Its advanced features, such as NFT and trust line management, make it a versatile wallet that can be used for a variety of purposes. Furthermore, its non-custodial nature means that users have complete control over their assets without intermediaries. Overall, SolidiFi Wallet with its user-friendly interface, is a strong contender in the DeFi space and is definitely worth considering for anyone interested in earning passive income on Songbird and Flare.