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Experimental Finance is the FLR Finance testing ground on the Songbird Network and $EXFI is the ecosystems secondary Governance token. $EXFI is the Songbird equivalent of $YFLR - the secondary Governance token on the Flare Network instance of FLR Finance.


Songbird is the Canary network for the Flare Network. FLR Finance will have an ecosystem on both networks. Songbird considered experimental and Flare considered production-ready. New features and products are first introduced to the Songbird ecosystem where they are thoroughly tested before being introduced to the Flare ecosystem. The two ecosystems are separate from each other. Experiences on Experimental Finance may influence use cases, tokenomics and allocation changes for the mainnet instance of FLR Finance.

Experimental Finance

$EXFI Present Use Cases:

  • Staking in FLRFarm to earn the primary Governance token SFIN.
  • Participating in liquidity pools on FLRX.
  • Collateral option on FLRLoans.
  • Payment option within FLRDrops.
  • Staking in Loans Staking to earn a portion of Redemption and Borrow fees.

$EXFI Future Use Cases:

  • Staking in Governance Staking to earn APYCloud yield.
  • Replacing fees on FLRWrap.
  • Replacing exchange fees on FLRX.
  • Secondary Governance under SFIN
  • Participating in Launchpads on FLRFarm.
  • Voting on new token listings for FLRX.
  • Voting on new trading pairs for FLRX.
  • Providing coverage on FLRMutual.

$EXFI Use Cases

Max Supply - 110,000,000

Total Supply - 96,534,916

Burned Supply - 13,465,084 [ref#4]


$EXFI tokenomics and allocations are based on the V1 whitepaper.