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Citizen of Gokubi

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Citizen of Gokubi

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Citizen of Gokubi collection
The citizens of gokubi arrived on songbird network, they will spend their time and energy on the gokubi dapp. As validators they give you rewards, fees and royalties.
Citizens of Gokubi have voting power and decide the future of the Gokubi universe. Combine there utility with the Council of AI to become stronger.
The citizen of Gokubi buys back $GKB with 10% of its royaltie fee, in that way the whole Gokubi universe flourish, by there work for the machinery on the Canary net from flarenetwork

-2500 NFTs with different traits and rarity 🎨
- ranked on neefty and rdy to mint! ⛏️ [ref#4]
- by stake the CoG you become a Validator 🎩
- earn dapp rewards and fees 🪙
1,5%APR or over 18% APY 👛
- earn from the royaltie rewards 💰
- Vote power over the treasury 🗳
-9% of all the NFT sales are going to be rebated to CoG, 500k and 1M Holders of $GKB ♻️
- 10% of royalties is used for GKB buy back. 🔙
- hold a Council of AI and a Citizen of Gokubi 👫
to get the "combi Rewards" in SGB/FLR every month.

Join the future of finance with a piece of the Gokubi series.


Follow Gokubi on Twitter and Discord to be up to date. [ref#2]