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Songbird Reward Pool

Songbird Reward Pool FAQ

Have questions regarding Songbird's FTSO Rewards Pool? Can't claim rewards?

  • Songbird's FTSO Reward Pool is a pool of allocated Songbird ($SGB) tokens that are distributed as rewards to participants who delegate their tokens ($WSGB) to FTSO Providers. The rewards you claim at the end of a Reward Epoch are pulled from this Reward Pool.

  • If you're unable to claim your FTSO Delegation Rewards, it's likely because the Reward Pool has been depleted. The Reward Pool consists of a limited number of allocated Songbird ($SGB) tokens that are available for claiming. As participants claim their tokens, the pool gradually depletes. However, don't worry - the pool automatically replenishes itself over time with more Songbird ($SGB) tokens. To check the current status of the Reward Pool, visit this page. Once there is a sufficient amount of Songbird ($SGB) in the pool, you can try claiming your rewards again.

  • The Reward Pool will be emptied from time to time, but it will refill gradually over time. If you find the pool empty or nearly empty, you can check this page to find out when your rewards will be claimable again. Your Rewards can be claimed once the pool exceeds the amount of rewards owed to you.

  • The Reward Pool empties as FTSO Delegation participants claim their rewards at the end of a Reward Epoch. The pool is not infinite to mitigate any potential claim exploit that may allow a user to claim infinite tokens. The pool will gradually replenish itself over time. You can refer back to this page to see the pool's status.

Pool Balance

Visual representation and updates of the current balance of the Reward Pool



Next update in 1 minute

​The Reward Pool is Low

​​The Reward Pool is currently low. FTSO Rewards may become temporarily unclaimable if dropping continues.

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