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The Satraps Collection

The Satraps Collection consists of 5,000 unique collage-style art pieces that will live as NFTs on the Songbird, Flare, and Optimism networks. The Satraps will have 5 hierarchical classes – each class will possess unique powers and utilities. 

Beginning with The Senators; the 400-piece subcollection is the highest-ranking class among all Satraps, consisting of 11 Personas and one secret guild that is the result of our partnership with an incredible artist based on the Arbitrum and Optimism networks. The Senators is also the smallest and rarest subcollection, making only 8% of The Satraps Collection. Those who hold a Senator are granted a free mint in all future Satrap subcollections. The remaining 4 subcollections will be released on several blockchains during the year 2023 – 1 subcollection per quarter. 


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