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The Mandrills

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The Mandrills

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Wild Network on the Horizon


“Web3 space for Freedom, Excitement, and Creativity“
— Powered by Wild Network


Powered by the advanced Flare Network, Wild Network is committed to creating a truly interconnected and decentralized ecosystem that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in the web3 space. We envision a digital world where users have the freedom to explore new horizons, share ideas, and discover new opportunities. As pioneers in this space, we aim to fill gaps and chart new paths in unexplored territories. Our inaugural project, The Mandrills, marks the beginning of many more independent projects within our ecosystem, all interconnected and powered by our native LEF coin.



We uphold the value of absolute transparency in the development and management of our projects, as it is the critical key to building a healthy organization with a truly dedicated community

User Empowerment and Decentralization:

At the core of our values resides the end user, and we strive to empower them with full control and participation in the Wild Network ecosystem. We grant every user the power to influence, contribute to, and shape the evolving landscape of the space in general, as well as the specific directions of any projects

Practical Innovation:

The essence of creating impactful products lies in their necessity, logical outcomes, and ease of use. We believe these three keys are crucial in generating new and unique values that will be quickly and smoothly incorporated by the community

Learn more through this article, What We are All About & Upcoming Events

Wild Network is building a truly interconnected and decentralized ecosystem on the advanced Flare Network. We’ve chosen Flare for its robust features, its broad potential in the evolving web3 arena, and the ease it provides for crafting applications. But what does this interconnected world really look like?

The inspiration to start this huge challenging journey came, as people were tired of the same old technologies with limited capabilities, so they looked for something more exciting. They wanted a space that would allow them to explore new horizons, be adventurous and have the freedom to try new things. The creators of the Wild Network saw the opportunity to fulfill this need, and they set out to create a platform that would provide a unique and thrilling experience.

Keeping the Wild Network concept in focus, the creators gathered a team of talented and creative individuals who shared their vision. They worked tirelessly to design and build a solid infrastructure that would push the boundaries of what was possible. They included features such as cutting-edge web3 technology, innovative design, and an intuitive user interface allowing people to navigate and explore the network easily.

After months of hard work and dedication, Wild Network was finally ready to launch. It quickly gained popularity among those looking for a new and exciting way to connect with others, share ideas, and discover new opportunities. The network provided users with an endless array of possibilities, allowing them to create and explore their own unique journeys. The Wild Network had succeeded in delivering the thrill and adventure that people had been searching for.

Wild Network aims to create a truly magical and interconnected ecosystem, grounded in logical and practical foundations. Each detail within our project is purposeful and contributes to a larger, long-term vision.

Engagement and active participation are key to maximizing experiences within our ecosystem. Every tweet and announcement we make carries significant value for users striving to fully immerse themselves in our project and gain maximum rewards. However, the final outcome of this decentralized system encourages a higher holding rate and stronger user involvement in the long term. Our entire team, especially the back-end team, is working non-stop, developing a variety of interesting products. This kind of project has no limits, with creativity and the possibilities to make it increasingly attractive.

Our inaugural project, The Mandrills World-Metaverse, sits at the core of the Wild Network. It’s an exciting gaming universe with unique experiences and real-world economic mechanisms, all running on Flare’s powerful L1 Blockchain. The Mandrills World is more than just the gaming & social platform, it’s a cornerstone of the Wild Network, providing a range of primary products that are currently missing from the digital landscape.

The Mandrills World, as the initial gaming & social platform experience metaverse, marks the beginning of many more independent projects in the Wild Network ecosystem to come after Stage 1. We aim to create a platform where everything is interconnected, with the LEF coin acting as the native coin used in all operations across the various projects. Its scarcity, capped at 44,444,444, along with a yearly distribution system yet still in development, makes the LEF coin a vital cornerstone of our entire ecosystem.

As pioneers in this space, we’re not only filling gaps but also charting new paths in unexplored territories.

At Wild Network, we strive to harness the full potential offered by Web3 technology. We’re well aware of the bubble effect seen in the ’90s internet boom and, therefore, understand the importance of careful, wise, and strategic utilization of these new technological tools to ensure the success of The Mandrills World and Wild Network in general.


STAGE 1: Blue Minerals|The Mandrills (Genesis)

Total Supply of Each: 4,444

  • Minerals are one of the most essential elements that play a unique role in the project. Bring the species to life with the help of Minerals or keep them to use across the Wild Network ecosystem.
  • Once Blue Minerals MINT is complete, they can be used to awaken The Mandrills, which come with a Starter Pack. Marking a fresh new beginning!
  • Properties: FacialExpression; Stance/Motion; Attire; Footgear; Headwear; Eyeapparel; Jewelry/Item; Weapon; Companion; Domain; Terrain Enhancement; Environment; Rarity Score
  • Rarity Levels: ‘Common’ ‘Rare’ ‘Epic’ ‘Quantum’ ‘Celestial’
  • Holding Genesis Products, you are eligible for the various Airdrops and Benefits from all the project Roadmap Stages and Milestones
  • STAGE 2: Locked
  • STAGE 3: Locked
  • STAGE 4: Locked
  • Collab Projects so far: @JennaXCrypto; @SuperBadSeries; @888InnerCircle; @ClubXRPL; @thefatcatsNFT; @flaremingos; @flrdomains

Path of the Wild Network