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The Immortals

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The Immortals


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The Immortals consist of 1200 unique collage-style art pieces that live as NFTs on the Songbird and Flare networks. There will be 700 Immortals deployed on Songbird, and 500 Immortals deployed on Flare Network.

After the successful launch and operation of The Senators sub-collection, we are thrilled to deploy The Immortals - the second sub-collection of The Satraps Collection, making only 24% of The Satraps Collection. They are the second highest ranking Satraps and the auditors of the Satraps Court. The Immortals will have 21 Personas, plus one mysterious persona with a secret lore that will be revealed at the end of minting period. The holders of Senator NFTs qualify for a 1:1 free mint of The Immortals immediately after the public mint is finished.


  • The Immortals are an essential component of The Satraps Collection. Their role as auditors, combined with the use of on-chain analysis tools (currently onboarding onto the Songbird and Flare networks), ensures that projects and TSOs are held accountable and rewarded for their ethical conduct. The Satraps Collection's unique feature is its Ethics Scoring System (ESS), which is used to evaluate the ethical conduct of projects and TSOs. The ESS provides transparency for investors and helps to promote ethical behavior within the Songbird and Flare community, The Immortals will ensure the ethics scores remain accurate by doing audits.
  • The role of the Immortals is critical in ensuring the integrity and transparency of ecosystem projects. Their work will help identify any potential risks or red flags, and provide unbiased reports to the Senators and the community. This process is essential in maintaining the trust and credibility of the ecosystem and ensuring that it continues to attract investors and participants alike.
  • An Immortal will have access to a range of tools and resources. The use of an on-chain analysis tool, further enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the auditing process. Our on-chain analysis tool partner will provide the Immortals with easy to use features such as: Entity page, Visualizer, Dashboard, Filtering, Alerts, and a block explorer with more specific details.
  • An Immortal which belongs to a Satrap Party can also benefit from the utilities within the party (e.g. Senators can push audit reports to a voting session).
  • All Satrap assets, including the Immortals, will qualify for staking by Q4 2023 and be rewarded passive income for participating in the Satrap operations. Stay tuned for more information on staking and rewards.
  • The Immortal NFTs, like all other Satrap assets, will qualify for free digital identity verification on the Cyber Identity platform once it goes live.


Immortals can form Platoons (min 30 Immortals) and trigger a voting session at the Satraps Court once 50 Immortals express interest in the voting session. Platoons can belong to a Party, or operate independently.

Immortals can affect Satrap decrees