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Oracle Swap is an open DeFi platform on the Songbird Network. Oracle Swap plans to offer several different products such as a Decentralized Exchange (or DEX) to swap tokens and a NFT marketplace to buy and sell NFTs. Oracle Swap has also launched an NFT collection called The Oracles which sold out within a week of launching.


Oracle Swap's primary product is its decentralized exchange (or DEX). This exchange is a peer-to-peer marketplace that allows users to interact and trade with each other without relying on a central authority. Oracle Swap can be used to swap tokens and earn passive income by providing liquidity to its liquidity pools.

Oracle Swap utilizes the Songbird Network's technology to perform swaps almost instantly at insanely low fees. [ref#1]

In theory any token that resides within the Songbird Network can be listed and traded within Oracle Swap. [ref#1]

Oracle Swap's DEX uses the $ORACLE token as its native token. Users can stake the $ORACLE token within the ecosystem to earn additional rewards. [ref#1]

Oracle Swap's DEX successfully passed an audit by Solidity Finance. [ref#2]

Decentralized Exchange

Oracle Swap plans to offer its own NFT Marketplace. This marketplace will offer a selection of new functions that are unique to the Songbird Network. Some of these unique features include self-minting your own NFTs within the marketplace and the ability to make bids and accept offers on NFT sales.

Oracle Swap's “The Oracles” NFT collection will be able to be staked within the Oracle Swap NFT Marketplace.[ref#1]

NFT Marketplace

Oracle Swap has laid out a roadmap that describes their targeted launch for various elements of their product:
  • Q2 2022
    • The Oracles NFT sellout
    • Airdrop of the $ORACLE token
    • Add liquidity to Oracle Swap DEX for $ORACLE token and others
    • Launch Oracle Swap
  • Q3 2022
    • Add USD prices to Oracle Swap DEX
    • Analyzer / Charts launch for Oracle Swap DEX
    • NFT Marketplace launches
    • <liThe Oracles NFT staking enabled
    • Oracle Swap starts providing data as a signal provider on Songbird
  • Q4 2022
    • Surprise NFT airdrop to The Oracles NFT holders
  • TBD
    • Prepare for Flare Network launch and F/S Asset integrations