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Gokubi is the first ever project deployed on the Songbird Network combining DeFi with Artificial Intelligence technology. Gokubi uses AI to create personalized suggestion based on the user’s behavior and the best-suited, most cost-effective trades. With the help of FTSO data, it analyzes any chosen token and finds the best investments in real time in crypto and yield-farming, by scanning markets and processing massive sets of data to locate the optimal trading/investment opportunities.


At Gokubi, our mission is to revolutionize the DeFi industry through the implementation of advanced machine learning systems. We aim to address the issue of asymmetrical information among crypto market participants by providing a comprehensive toolkit for data collection, aggregation, and sharing while utilizing the Flare Times Series Oracle, State Connector, Data Oracle, and Wallet API to feed data into the Gokubi Dataplace. Our AI functionality will enable users and companies to conduct fast, cheap, and sophisticated research of the crypto market while also rewarding those who feed the algorithm with useful information.
Users will be able to outsource their position, monetize useful data, or use our decentralized dApp to provide trade data suggestions, detect outliers, and assign probability scores by using GKB.
Our ultimate goal is to empower crypto market participants to make informed decisions in a decentralized, fair, and accessible way, while earning interest on their assets.

Join the Discord server for more information and the Whitepaper.

Our mission

The Council of AI NFT Collection on Sparkles

The Council Of AI plays another huge role in the Gokubi universe.

These NFTs will be able to replace sGKB and will be worth 50.000 GKB each, there will be only 1000 to mint.

In order to make wise investment selections, the Council OF AI system examines a wide range of market data, such as financial statements, company performance, economic indicators, and more..

A sort of trading system called replica trader will be integrated into staking the Council Of AI use artificial intelligence (AI) to evaluate market data and instantly mimic the trading moves of profitable traders. It operates as follows:

Data analysis: In order to find patterns and relationships in the data, the AI system examines market data as well as the performance of profitable traders.

Trading decision: The AI system decides which trades to execute based on the analysis and sends the related signals to the user's account.

Automated execution: The trades are automatically carried out in the user's account, exactly as the profitable trader did

The Council of AI collection

GKB launching on the Songbird Network as an ERC-20 token with a total supply capped at 300,000,000 GKB. The target through all rounds of distribution is 100,000,000 GKB as circulating supply, before launching the platform. 🌐

To fully utilize data, GKB will be be able to bridge to it and provide you access to the power of Gokubi machine learning. GKB will serve as your connection to the data you require, whether you need to use data from the State Connector or API key, the crucial link for your data will be GKB.🔗
Any machine learning system's strength and capabilities depend on the standard, variety, and reliability of the data at hand. By providing connectors from outside data sources to the GKB data domains, the Gokubi dataset will encourage data diversity.⛓️

For instance, using the GKB toolkit, it will be possible to build up conditional smart contracts that might be triggered by price fluctuations such as the price of Songbird or the market capitalization value provided via the Coingecko API. These datasets can then be used with GKB machine learning.📝

Use GKB to explore the network and code of a crypto asset to learn more about its dependability and scalability.🪜

$GKB is available on Blazeswap and Oracle Swap!
contract address $GKB : 0x1915462FeCE97854d6738b90d3F9Ec09e723D451

Staking on the Gokubi Dapp in the near Future!

Stake GKB to turn it into sGKB

SGKB will have five main functionalities ⚙️

1. Earn rewards by providing sGKB to the Staking Pool 🪙

2. The blockchain network's performance and security can be examined by the SGKB to determine the best staking chances.🧮

3. SGKB system can maximize stake returns by balancing risk and reward in a user's staking portfolio.⚖️

4. In order to maximize payouts, SGKB system may continuously monitor the network and the user's staking portfolio.📈

5. Crowd source data and information from the user base and feed into Gokubi machine learning system earning yield.🗃

For more information visit our Discord server.
The Gokubi universe of AI awaits you!✨️


Citizen of Gokubi
🎨 Collection of 2500 with different traits and rarity
🎰 ready to mint
🥇 Ranked on neefty [ref#3]
💎 increases 1.5% APR by staking
🧮 9% of all the NFT sales are going to be rebated to CoG, 500k and 1M Holders of $GKB
📌 Gokubi are going to use 10% of the NFT sales to buyback $GKB!
📸 CoG will be able to earn a percentage of fees and rewards every month, without owning CoG, you will not get SGB.
🎩 CoG are going to have the function of validators on our platform; you will be able to stake them and earn!
🗳 CoG owners will have the power to vote for what the community wants and decide what to do with the percentage of funds we accumulated each month. Gokubi are going to integrate a DAO-like structure and invest/expand together, listening to our holders!
Enter the Universe of Gokubi AI.
💻Mint CoG and secure your spot to make them earn for you, each NFT is going to increase your APR by 1,5% 🔥 [ref#2]
As Citizen you will also have the power to cast a vote every month on what to invest through our treasury!

Citizen of Gokubi collection