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FLR Finance

FLR Finance is a suite of products that provide blockchain communities with seamless access to the rapidly expanding DeFi Economy, starting from the Flare Network and expanding into a multi-chain future. Featuring a DEX, Yield Farm, Decentralised Loans, NFT Marketplace with Curated Galleries, Bridging Protocol and a Central Yield Aggregator - The APYCloud, FLR Finance aim to support and incorporate L1 benefits into the product suite such as FTSO Delegation Rewards, F-Asset Rewards and subsequent FLR Distributions - proposal pending. We also support the decentralization of the network with our very own FTSO - DeFi Oracles.


FLR Finance utilise the Coston Testnet and Songbird Canary Network in the development and testing process prior to launching on the Flare Network. Products and features will be available for testing on Coston, enabling the community to test-drive in a risk-free environment before moving on to the Songbird Network. On Songbird, real value is at hand and the environment is considered experimental as highlighted within the dApps, so please keep this in mind and adjust your risk tolerance accordingly. Experimental Finance is the name of the ecosystem on the Songbird Canary Network and is a separate ecosystem from that of the mainnet instance. As such, it has it’s own separate Tokenomics (EXFI & SFIN) and Governance structure. The Flare Network is considered our production-ready environment for battle-tested products.


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