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Flare Oracle

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Flare Oracle

FTSO Provider, DApp

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Building products on Songbird & Flare Network

Flare Oracle serves as a formidable FTSO (decentralized price feed) data provider on both the Songbird and Flare Networks. However, our engagement with the time series oracle is not the only aspect of our operations. We are committed to crafting innovative solutions for both networks, providing FLR and SGB users with a seamless plug-and-play system to manage their assets. One of the fruits of our labor is

By utilizing your preferred wallet, enables you to take greater control over your Songbird and Flare investments. The platform affords you a safe, hassle-free experience of tracking your passive income, with your SGB and FLR tokens remaining securely in your wallet. You can wrap, delegate, and claim Songbird and Flare rewards with ease, storing your NFTs and trading them in a market of your choice.

Manage your Songbird and Flare even better with your favorite wallet.

Flare Oracle's cutting-edge app offers a user-friendly interface that furnishes highly accurate data, facilitating your improvement of reward rates. It furnishes personal metrics that help you keep track of your historical and forecasted income across daily, monthly, and yearly timeframes, allowing you to combine the rewards of your Songbird and Flare assets with ease.

Make improvements on your reward rates with the Flare Oracle App based on accurate data that is easy to read

 Finding any Time Series Oracle (Price Provider) on either the Songbird Network or the Flare Network is a breeze, thanks to Flare Oracle's platform. Our app delivers outstanding results and affords you the ability to quickly calculate the difference in rewards that you stand to make.

Get free $FORT & NFT rewards for delegating to Flare Oracle

Delegating to Flare Oracle offers you more than just SGB or FLR rewards. You receive $FORT as a bonus when you delegate, which multiplies when you become the proud owner of 1, 2, or 3 machines. Currently, sFORT is available as a bonus reward on both the Songbird Network and the Flare Network.