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Ēnosys is a suite of products that provide blockchain communities with seamless access to the rapidly expanding DeFi Economy, starting from the Flare Network and expanding into a multi-chain future. Featuring a DEX, Yield Farm, Decentralised Loans, NFT Marketplace with Curated Galleries, Bridging Protocol and a Central Yield Aggregator - The APYCloud, Ēnosys aims to support and incorporate L1 benefits into the product suite such as FTSO Delegation Rewards, F-Asset Rewards and subsequent Flare Drop Distributions. We also support the decentralization of the network with our very own FTSO - DeFi Oracles.

 Ēnosys utilises the Coston testnet and Songbird Canary network in the development and testing process prior to launching on the Flare Network. Products and features will be available for testing on Coston, enabling the community to test-drive in a risk-free environment before moving on to the Songbird Network. On Songbird, real value is at hand and the environment is considered experimental as highlighted within the dApps, so please keep this in mind and adjust your risk tolerance accordingly. Experimental Finance is the name of the ecosystem on the Songbird Canary Network and is a separate ecosystem from that of the mainnet instance. As such, it has it’s own separate Tokenomics (EXFI & SFIN) and Governance structure. The Flare Network is considered our production-ready mainnet environment for battle-tested products.


Ēnosys Dex

Ēnosys Dex is a decentralized exchange utilising an Automated Market Maker model. Users can trade tokens in a peer-to-peer fashion and earn passive income by providing liquidity to supported token pairs. New token pairings can be proposed via Governance. Any WFLR utilised on Dex will be eligible for the subsequent FlareDrops. WFLR will also be automatically delegated to the selected FTSO(s) to qualify for Delegation Rewards. F-Asset rewards will also be incorporated once available.

Ēnosys Farm

Ēnosys Farm is the ecosystem’s non-custodial yield farming module. Supported tokens can be staked to earn a share of the primary Governance token distribution. As with Dex, L1 rewards/distributions are supported and new farm pools can be added via Governance.[ref#2] Farm will also be home to Launchpad, which enables projects hoping to build in and around the Ēnosys Ecosystem a method to distribute their token to ecosystem participants through Farm pools. Projects must first submit a Governance Proposal for community vote. [ref#3]

Ēnosys Loans

Ēnosys Loans is intended to be a decentralized borrowing protocol that allows users to take interest-free loans using supported tokens as collateral and receiving a collateralized stablecoin. Based on our experience testing the protocol on the Experimental Finance ecosystem on Songbird, we are taking extreme precautions with re-launching the protocol on the Flare Network. Our academic arm will conduct in depth research on all possible solutions for multi-asset support under a unified Stability Pool. Ēnosys will then deploy the most optimal solution through the defined development funnel. This will continue happening until a viable solution is launched on the Flare Network or the community proposes to discontinue the product. Information will be updated here as it becomes available. [ref#4]

Ēnosys Gallery

Ēnosys Gallery is an NFT Marketplace and Auction House with Curated Galleries. Artists can mint their own artwork and list on the Secondary Market, or submit to Curators to be considered for possible listing within the Curator’s Gallery. Users can easily create their own Collections and Mint their own NFTs via the platform. Gallery also hosts Clover Events and also allows for the on-chain exchange of encrypted information through the Ermis Protocol enabling the redemption and distribution of Phygital NFTs in a decentralized manner. [ref#5]

Ēnosys Bridge

Ēnosys Bridge is a cross-chain asset bridge which utilises a trusted and regulated third party (Fireblocks) as an optional custodian of the supported assets. It allows holders of tokens on other networks to bridge their tokens onto the Flare Network. Additionally, it allows users to bridge supported Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) between networks. Ēnosys Bridge is an essential piece of our product ecosystem which will serve two very important purposes. The first is to fill in the gaps between chains that may be supported by F-assets and LayerCake by providing bridge support to networks and assets that are not included in the proposed roadmap outlined in the initial protocol design. The second is to facilitate our omnichain expansion by enabling our governance tokens to be bridged off of Flare to provide liquidity and incentives on other chains. This allows us to aggregate fees from any network we support via Ēnosys Bridge back to the central Flare ecosystem APYCloud. [ref#6]

Product Suite

Ēnosys operates as a decentralized autonomous organization. Operations rely heavily on holder participation in the Governance of the ecosystem. Governance will encompass all supported chains and is conducted trustlessly via a network of interconnected smart contracts that control various platform-wide settings and reserve pools. These can be adjusted via Governance proposals submitted and voted on by Governance token holders.


The APYCloud is a dynamic yield aggregator which encompasses all chains and products within the ecosystem and absorbs a proportion of all product fees. These fees are aggregated into the Cloud which distributes a consistent 5-35% yield to Governance participants who stake their Governance Tokens staked in Governance Staking. [ref#8]

Governance Staking

Governance Staking is the gateway to participation in the Governance of the ecosystem. To be eligible to create Governance Proposals or generate Vote Power to vote on a proposal, users must stake their Governance Tokens in Governance Staking. Governance Tokens staked in Governance Staking also receive rewards generated by the APYCloud. [ref#9]

Governance Tokens

Within the Governance ecosystem, utility is divided amongst two tokens - Helion $HLN & Apsis $APS (formerly YFLR & YFIN). These same two tokens will be utilised for Governance across all supported mainnet chains and will have varying utilities. Making use of two tokens allows for flexibility across multiple chains and various products for a broader distribution of Governance vote power.[ref#10] $APS is distributed as rewards in various products such as Farm whereas $HLN will be distributed via airdrop. [ref#11]



Skopos is a set of web2 services that analyze and index all data on an EVM blockchain. It stores the data in any format requested by the entity using the service, such as a protocol developer or an institution. It makes querying through select datasets as simple as API calls. Any project that stores data on-chain - no matter how simple or complex - can benefit. Products such as Ēnosys Gallery and Dex already utilize Skopos.

Clover Protocol

Clover Protocol is a fair distribution protocol designed for artists, companies and art houses to create private events via fair, transparent marketing campaigns. Clover Protocol makes high-value art more inclusive and attainable without devaluing or fractionalizing the art. Using Clover Protocol, trusted parties can ensure fair compensation for the item distributed while still appealing to a broader audience rather than relying on large bidders. [ref#13]

Ermis Protocol

Ermis is an on-chain redemption protocol which enables the redemption of phygital NFTs and the secure exchange of encrypted personal information to facilitate the safe transfer of its physical counterpart. Users exchange data with vendors on-chain while retaining full custody of their personal information and vendors are relieved of the associated risks and costs of having to store customer information safely. It opens up many exciting new opportunities for artists, galleries and art collectors around the world. [ref#14]


Oryy is a deterministic deployment of the Gnosis multi-sig platform for Coston, Songbird and Flare. Oryy generates a smart contract wallet that requires a minimum number of owner addresses to approve a transaction before it can occur (M-of-N). Oryy can be used as a multi-sig wallet and can interact with Ēnosys products via Safe Apps. [ref#15]