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Early Bird Games

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Early Bird Games

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Early Bird Games ("EBG") is an exciting, new, and innovative project. At EBG, we are bringing a quirky yet aesthetically pleasing offering of NFTs - HangryChicks - to the Flare ecosystem as well as new tokens called Worm ("WRM"). The HangryChicks and WRM tokens come together in our DApp to create a gamified and fun way of winning additional HangryChicks and WRMs. HangryChicks are a set of 30,000 mintable NFTs but with a limited circulating supply of 10,000. The HangryChicks are rich with a variety of features and belong to four classes of rarity: Ultra Rare, Super Rare, Rare, and Common. Holders of HangryChicks can use EBG's innovative random remint smart contract technology for a chance to improve the rarity and, therefore, potential value of their NFT. This is innovative because it removes the simplistic NFT ID number based order of remints used by other NFT projects that makes them predictable. Each NFT can be reminted twice. After a remint, the old NFT is burned, thereby reducing the overall supply. But wait, there is more! Every minted HangryChick comes with a free supply of food - WRM. WRM is also regularly airdropped to holders of HangryChicks together with an additional bonus linked to the rarity of the NFT. WRMs are the lifeblood of the DApp through which gamers can participate in the EBG Game. To play, Gamers pay an entry fee of WRMs. 90 per cent of the fee is burned whilst 10 per cent is retained for the maintenance and development of the DApp. At the end of a Game cycle - usually around one week - winners are randomly selected by the smart contract amongst the participating Gamers. The prize is a HangryChick plus WRM tokens. Winners also get to later enjoy the additional benefits of holding a HangryChick such as airdrops, rarity bonuses, and reminting. Why not mint your first HangryChick by going to our minting page and get some free WRMs for doing so? You can then use those WRMs to play. Alternatively, you can get your WRMs from any participating exchange and join your first cycle of the Game for a chance to win your very own HangryChick NFT. Play now. Play to win! Oh, and watch out for Season 2...