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Dragons Lair

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DRAGONS LAIR Mission and Goals

This Project has been deployed on the Songbird Network after close to 10 months of hard work building it behind closed doors and our main Focus is our Community, that we call "Horde Ov Dragons".

Before launch we aimed at creating all the information we could think of, based on other Projects we used to interact with as we are a Team of investors in an array of Projects, in several networks but mostly on XRP, FLR and SGB Networks.

Our aim is to provide the highest rebates in SGB to the Horde Ov Dragons for they are the ones that make this Project move forward. Without them, there is no Lair. Plain Simple.

Dragons Lair is a really intricate project when it comes to the amount of information at anyone´s disposal. But this is what we believe in: Information BLACK ON WHITE for ALL to see clearly! Nothing else.

To summon really fast, here is a breakdown:

- Genesis are the key NFTs paired with one or more Power NFT

- Chain NFTs are used to mint Power NFTs

- Fire NFTs are gifts from us to the Horde Ov Dragons... no catches... they are totally free!

- We have a Story to back all our NFTs

- Soft Staking is our way for no one should be deprived of their assets

- $DRC and DLSO Tokens: 1st is native and 2nd is Governance. Both will be airdropped and claimable every week via Soft Staking NFTs.

- Several use cases for $DRC

- DLSO gives 1 vote on Discord and more power when Governance DApp is released

- SGB Rebates of 56% of the DL Horde Ov Dragons Community wallet will begin after the pause of the 2nd Power NFT on a monthly basis

- Game Development is a goal - Unreal Engine 5 Game - Strategy Game

- a DAO will be a reality in time

- We reserve the right to not allow anyone to Govern the Art because we are passionate about it and our vision is perfectly aligned between our own Artists... but we do accept suggestions

- The Lair is a place to have fun, relax, and mingle while having meaningful and respecful debates

- Inside the Lair your voice will be heard via proposal. But be ready to work with us developing them and putting them up for vote and if the YES wins, you will work more with us. Your Idea, Your Work!

- Only as a tight Community we can ALL Win and be better and stronger... There is no other way.

Follow us on Twitter and join us on Discord via our