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Coin Zoom is a cryptocurrency exchange that aims to provide a complete cash to crypto experience for users of all levels of experience. The platform allows users to buy, sell, and trade over 40 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin, on a regulated and secure exchange with low fees. Coin Zoom is well-known for its trust, safety, and transparency, and promises not to lend out coins or sell user data to third parties. The exchange makes it easy for users to get started and fund their accounts using various methods, including debit cards, ACH deposits, wire transfers, or crypto. Coin Zoom has an advanced trader platform and mobile apps for iOS and Android, and is used in 192 countries by millions of merchants worldwide. The Coin Zoom team has extensive global exchange and trading experience and is committed to safeguarding user funds and personal information. The exchange is regulated and compliant in the US and Australia and offers a CoinZoom Visa card that allows users to instantly convert their crypto to fiat and spend it at over 53 million retailers worldwide. Coin Zoom also offers a free peer-to-peer crypto and USD transfer service called ZoomMe.


CoinZoom has yet to announce their plans regarding listing Flare ($FLR) on their platform for trading.

Flare ($FLR) Trading

CoinZoom has yet to announce their plans regarding listing Songbird ($SGB) on their platform for trading.

Songbird ($SGB) Trading