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Beasty Bits

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Beasty Bits


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Who are the Beasty Bits

We are beasts in the form of humans. We have series of beasts, each serie with 3 collections. Each collection gives a membership status and a share of the proceedings from the next series.

Why become a BEAST?

As a beast, you will not only get 1:1 AD in that same series, but also be able to participate in various votings that will shape the future collections. The benefits do not stop there, as ofcourse more and more series mean more and more profits just by holding the NFT.

Beasty Bits is a community centered project.


The Beasty Bits Club has three tiers - Majestic Beast, Mythical Beast and Legendary Beast. To qualify for a given membership you must own one of each collection, up to that membership tier. For example, for Mjaestic Beast Membership (top tier), you need all three drops while from Mythical Beast Membership (mid tier) only the second and third drop are requied and the Legendary Beast Membership (low tier) only requires the last drop.

You will automatically reserve your membership spot when you mint your first drop, as you will be airdropped one NFT in both of the subsequent drops. This means that if you mint the genesis drop of a series and keep it till the last drop, you will automatically qualify as a Majestic Beast.

Beasty Bits pricing

Each NFT of Beasty Bits will be worth 300 XRP at the time of the launch.

First collection of 200 beasts is necessary for the Majestic Beast Membership (along with second and third collection).

Second collection of 600 beasts is necessary for the Mythical Beast Membership (along with third collection).

Third collection of 1800 beasts is necessary for the Legendary Beast Membership.

- Majestic Members will get 11% of the total profit from the next series.
- Mythical Members will get 6% of the total profit from the next series.
- Legendary Members will get 3% of the total profit from the next series.This is the introduction to your page. Click edit to get started.