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Aureus Ox

The Aureus Ox Signal Provider has consistently submit data signals to both Songbird and Flare network since conception. Our data provider filters to create an accurate, robust, and reliable signal stream for the good of the network and our delegators. Run and mainained by Nick LoBue, Aureus Ox strives to build valueable products and will continue to expand its presence on Songbird and Flare. We currently offer an ALL provider delegation service, along with support for a variety of wallet assets plus the ability to swap tokens using our Pangolin integration. These services are available directly through our dashboard [1]. Stay tuned for our next project!


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Aureus Ox dashboard

Accessed Mon, 09 Jan 2023 @ 19:51 UTC


Aureus Ox strives to submit accurate data signals to support the Songbird and Flare network. Delegate through our dashboard today!



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