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Pending Distribution

$FLR Trading Available

$SGB Trading Not Available is a cryptocurrency platform with a mission to accelerate the world's transition to cryptocurrency. The company believes that it is the basic right of individuals to control their money, data, and identity, and that Web3, powered by cryptocurrency, will be a more fair and equitable internet owned by creators and users. With over 70 million users in 90 countries, is committed to building a world-changing platform with a global team that values clear thinking, simplicity, and a deep understanding of issues. The team at is also known for its resilience, innovation, and dedication to protecting the company's culture and values.


Information sourced from the website on Jan 6, 2023 has announced that they will support the distribution of Flare ($FLR) and will distribute the token to their customers within two weeks of the initial distribution on January 9th, 2023.


Distribution Status

Flare ($FLR) trading is now available on

Last updated Jan 12, 2023

Flare ($FLR) Trading has yet to announce their plans regarding listing Songbird ($SGB) on their platform for trading.

Last updated Jan 6, 2023

Songbird ($SGB) Trading

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