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BTC Markets

BTC Markets


$FLR Trading Available

$SGB Trading Not Available

BTC Markets is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2013 that aims to offer sophisticated digital financial products through an intuitive and reliable platform. The exchange is focused on making it easy for its clients to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies securely and efficiently, regardless of their knowledge level or trading experience. BTC Markets was Australia's first cryptocurrency exchange and has since grown to serve over 325,000 Australian traders, with over $23 billion traded on the platform. The exchange has a high uptime of 99.99% and offers simple buy and sell options, advanced trading, portfolio tracking, and a mobile app for monitoring markets and managing portfolios on the go. BTC Markets has multiple layers of account security, including 2FA and biometrics, and offers 100% Australian-based customer support and an OTC desk and VIP program.

About BTC Markets

Information sourced from the BTC Markets website on Jan 6, 2023

BTC Markets has distributed the airdrop to eligible participants.


Distribution Status

Flare ($FLR) trading is now available on BTC Markets.

Last updated Jan 11, 2023

Flare ($FLR) Trading

BTC Markets has yet to announce their plans regarding listing Songbird ($SGB) on their platform for trading.

Last updated Jan 6, 2023

Songbird ($SGB) Trading

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